There will be St. Patrick's Day festivities in Twin Falls this year complete with green beer, fun activities, and a parade. Take that you drawn-out pandemic.

O'Dunken's posted information on their Facebook page about the events and the parade. The 'Get Lucky' party will happen on March 17th, 2021 with the parade starting at 3:30 PM on Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls. The street party will begin at 5, after the parade wraps up.

Currently, those wishing to be part of the parade should stop by O'Dunken's Draught House at 102 Main Street, Twin Falls to sign up.

In December of 2019, it was announced that there would be new owners of the longtime Twin Falls pub. The new owners, Jennifer and Jay Covin, jumped right in and began plans for the 2020 St. Patrick's Day celebration. Then, along came COVID-19 and it was a much more sad St. Paddy's Day than expected. But that changes this year. The parade, activities, food, and drinks will bring the joy and break from the pandemic that we all need.

That doesn't mean the pandemic is over, so please continue to observe safe protocols and be kind to those around you.

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Those not participating in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, should still be aware of the event as there will be road closures. Avoid attempting to drive down or across Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls during the event. I previous years, signs have been posted advising drivers of detours and the road has usually been closed starting a few hours before the parade begins.

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