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Idaho is a popular place.  There appears to be no end to the tsunami of people coming here.  United Van Lines tracks where its trucks go from point A to point B.  Idaho hands down was the most popular destination last year.  This is on a percentage basis.  Places like Texas and Florida may see more overall people coming and going but because the population figures are so high, it’s a smaller share of movers.

More than two thirds of moves were inbound into Idaho in 2019 and less than one third of moves were departures.

They may enjoy skiing or rafting or perhaps wish to be closer to hunting and fishing.

The largest share of people coming here are retirees.  More than one third of inbound traffic is from people looking for a place to retire with low taxes and utility costs.  Many also like the amenities Boise and the state’s smaller cities offer, such as easy shopping access.

The next largest block coming here are people coming here for work.  They accounted for slightly more than a quarter of inbound moves last year.  An even quarter came for family reasons and a little more than 20 percent came for lifestyle.  They may enjoy skiing or rafting or perhaps wish to be closer to hunting and fishing.

Some may just want a quiet place where they can put up their feet and enjoy the scenery.

These surveys haven’t changed much this century.

A great migration south and westward is taking place.  The old industrial and heavily taxed states of the Northeast and Great Lakes continue hemorrhaging population.  And in the once sparsely environs of the Intermountain West, the growing pains continue!  You can read the details of the survey by clicking here.

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