There are a lot of important aspects to driving a vehicle in Twin Falls. You have to pay attention to yourself and to those around you and you have to do that while obeying all the laws of the land. But there’s a part of driving that is often overlooked and many of us have become lax in our efforts to do it well. That driving skill is parking.

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We have all seen bad parking around town. We have galleries (that you can see at the end of this story) with hundreds of pictures of terrible parking from around Twin Falls. Before you even get into that parking space, there are other unwritten parking lot rules that we as a community need to start obeying.

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The Unwritten Parking Lot Rules Twin Falls Drivers Need to Start Obeying

If you think you are already a good driver, you need to check and make sure you are following these rules:

  1. No Stalking - Everyone wants to get the best parking space on the lot, but don’t be creepy about it. If you are slow rolling behind a mom with a cart full of kids and groceries waiting to see where she stops, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Not only will you have to wait for her to unload everything anyways, but there’s also a pretty good chance she’s on the wrong aisle and you’re following them for no reason. You could park somewhere else and walk to the store in the time you stalked that family.
  2. Get In and Get Out - This is especially important in a packed parking lot. When you get to your car you need to start it and move. Don’t sit there checking emails or reapplying makeup. Do that when you get home.
  3. Move It - If you dropped someone at the store doors and you are waiting in the vehicle for them to come back out you better get out of the way. Either park your car or do a few laps around the parking lot, but don’t plant yourself in front of the doors blocking other cars.
  4. Stay Away - This rule is a simple courtesy that we’ve seen people trample on. If someone has parked their nice car at the very back of a parking lot to avoid it being near other cars, and thus avoiding the potential for door dings, don’t be the person that parks right next to them in your janky jalopy because you think it will be funny.
  5. Don’t Judge a Car by the License Plate - The license plate rule is very important in Idaho. There are some people who see a plate from out of town and immediately hate the driver of that car. In their unjustified hatred, they may even do something to mess with that vehicle. Don’t do that. That person could be an amazing person or they might be in a rental car and are more of a resident of Idaho than you are. Choose to be a good person.
  6. Park Poorly and You will be Made Famous - There is no excuse for you to park on or over the lines in a parking lot. If you get out and see that you are bad at parking, get back in your car and fix it. If you don’t, there’s a really good chance you could end up in one of our terrible parking galleries.

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