An office camera that is said by a staff member to pick up strange images frequently captured something very odd near the city of Lewiston. If the footage is legit, it appears to show an angelic figure dressed in all white approach the camera following a technical disturbance.

The topic of spirit sightings is usually received one of two ways by most people. It's either complete doubt, or an elevated interest. I am one of those who doubts, even though my parents sat my brother and I down when we were kids and told us about frequent visits by a deceased relative they believed were occurring in our home.

A video upload to YouTube from a few months back is described by the channel's host as "Morgan's Alley Ghost Sighting." According to the video's tag line, a family member of the person who shared the video is having frequent irregular images showing up on an office security camera, and the oddities appear to show up at the same times in the middle of the night.

What are described as orbs appear on the camera regularly, and between midnight and 2 A.M., according to the description. The footage, which is just over a half-minute in length, begins with some grainy images of a few office chairs and monitors. A front counter can also be seen. Then, about 14-seconds in, the footage gets distorted, and the screen turns completely white.

The first time I watched the video, I have to admit it was a bit creepy. This is something that could have easily been produced with editing software, but if it wasn't, then the footage is just downright weird. A female figure then appears, dressed completely in white, and for a few moments what appear to be wings can be seen near the objects shoulders.

What do you think? Is the footage legit, or a hoax?

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