Jumps off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls are something we've all seen hundreds of times. Now bungee jumps aren't so common off the bridge, but a new video posted to YouTube shows how it's done, and what a bounce back.

I've never seen someone bungee jump in person before. This video is about the closest I've gotten. BASE jumps happen almost daily during the warm months, however bungee jumps are less witnessed by crowds that are commonly found walking trails or sightseeing on the Snake River canyon rim.

A June 11 post to YouTube from the channel of Doug Farrer is pretty gnarly. It appears to be very recent footage, and the first bungee video off the Perrine Bridge I've seen in a long time. As someone who fears heights, at least with BASE jumping you land on your feet in a relatively short time, but bungee jumping is an entirely different beast. I'll pass on hanging from my feet, swaying side to side, and up and down, until I'm pulled back up.

Nice job Doug! For a second there on the way back up, I thought you might clock your head on the bottom beam of the bridge. Kudos for entertaining the Twin Falls' onlookers with a rare bungee jump. It looks like you picked a stellar day to do it.

I had to watch this video a couple of times it was so impressive. Hopefully Doug doesn't get fined for this one, as I've been informed such jumps are frowned upon by city police.

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