This was a pretty crazy experience over the weekend. I took my family to the extremely secret T-Cave near Mammoth Cave and when we came out there was a massive fire just to the East of us!

We went into the cave around 2pm and were inside for about an hour. As we came out of the ground we were faced with a wall of smoke that was less than a mile from us. If that fire had been to the West of the road we would have been right in the middle of it!

It was amazing to see how fast these wildfires spread. According to reports, the fire started around 2:30pm. You can see in the video how big it was, after just 30 minutes it had burned nearly 4,000 acres. It was also impressive to see that in such a short time the response of the BLM wildfire crews was already well underway.

To date the Mammoth fire has burned more than 47,000 acres as crews continue to battle the flames and protect homes and property.


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