Normally I try to stay away from TikTok. I'm old and feel like I don't belong there. I really only use Facebook and still remember when I would waste hours customizing my MySpace page.

But, just because I don't use TikTok doesn't mean it doesn't have some videos worth watching. If you search for videos from Idaho, there are a lot that show how weird we can be here in this potato filled state of ours. These 17 TikTok Videos are weird, entertaining, and very much what you would expect from Idaho.

Most people would freak out if a bear came up to them. Not this guy from Idaho.

We all remember the Fleetwood Mac/Cranberry drink guy right? Apparently he's into Hall and Oates too.

Maybe you can ignore some of the signs in your life...

I don't know about the legalities of this...

Deer are so cute! Wait?

We train them young.

Hey, we live in the belly button of Idaho!

That's an UGLY fish.

Idaho creativity at its best.

Be honest - have you ever done this to your Idaho neighbors?

It isn't dumb if it works.


You can't see snow and not want to jump in it.

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