One of these things is not like the others!

I’ve been laboring under the impression liberals in southern Idaho are shy.  While their numbers are few, there’s clear evidence they don’t mind advertising what they believe in.  I chuckled when I saw this car parked at a grocery store this week.  I’d say the stickers make it clear the driver is a Democrat and a proud one.

Misguided People Need Prayer

I had a relative who lived in a very Republican community in New York State but in 2000 put out a Hillary Clinton sign.  Clinton was a candidate for the U.S. Senate that year.  While my sister took some razzing from friends and neighbors, there wasn’t any violence!  I need to point out that today my sister is a conservative.  People change.  Their views evolve.

I was, if not a liberal, more moderate when I was a young voter and I would put up campaign signs in front of my dad’s house.  He and his conservative friends were also very tolerant.

Idahoans are a Friendly Lot

I’d like to believe people in southern Idaho are the same.  I posted a picture of the liberal car on my personal Facebook page and most of the responses were quite humorous.  No one has made any threats, which should dispel some of the stereotypes Democrats hold about Republicans.

And simply because you know absolutely nothing about politics, you can also grow and abandon your socialist delusions.  Most people would like to help you and pray daily for the return of your sanity!

Some People Will Never Grow

It’s not like the guy in your neighborhood with a truck plastered with Dallas Cowboys stickers.  He clearly has an IQ in the teens and it won't change.  On the other hand, if you’re politically active, you at least have some synapses firing.

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