Normally I would not advise you to take advice or follow the actions of a criminal...but today is valentine's Day and we can use all the help we can get! Last week, in Indiana, a woman came home and found a strange man had broken into her apartment.  And her reaction was - HAPPINESS!  Because, for whatever reason, he'd broken in to do chores.  He cooked dinner, folded clothes, and swept the floors.  The police did end up arresting him for breaking and entering though, and he's undergoing a psych evaluation.

But is the guy really crazy? Let's tie this in to Valentine's Day. What does your sweetheart really want? Less stress and to feel loved? Help around the house more! This guy busted in and did what we should all be doing. So maybe this Valentine's Day take a pointer from the crazy felon and clean up the house a little bit for your lady.

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