This year my wife planted a garden with all sort of vegetables, and the garden produced really well. We have plenty of corn, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and other veggies that I can't identify (remember that I don't eat this stuff). It seems that all the plants are doomed now that the cockroach of the garden has started growing - zucchini! This stuff is crazy! It takes over the entire yard with its vines and leaves and produces 3-5 giant zucchinis a day. Which is cool - you want your garden and hard work to be worth it, but nobody wants that much zucchini!

Yesterday after trying to find our counter top under the harvest of the last few days, my wife decided I had to try to pawn the things off on my co-workers. So, I brought in 28 pounds of zucchini and yellow squash. Right now, there is still 25 pounds of the stuff! How do you get rid of it, or what is the best thing to do with it? Do you have a good recipe? Leave a comment, a suggestion, or a recipe below...or come by the station and get some - it is yours for the taking.

Here is the best recipe I have found so far -

The Best Zucchini Recipe:
1 bushel zucchini
1 raincoat
1 pair of sunglasses
A moderately fast car
Go to a busy parking lot. Drive around until you find an unlocked car. Put the zucchini in the back seat and drive away FAST before you are discovered!

Alternatively, keep a bag of them by the front door for unwanted visitors, or use a giant zucchini in the toilet tank as a water saver…