Every day is a great day to celebrate being an American, but Independence Day seems to be one of the biggest days to include flying Old Glory high.

I love driving around town and seeing all the American Flags in from of businesses. There are some giant flags running down Blue Lakes (pictured above). One of the coolest sights is when you can see the Tacoma Screw Flag and the Middlekauf flags over Blue Lakes at the same time.

When you fly your American Flags, please remember that there are actually guidelines for respect and care of the flag. The section of Federal law referring to flag etiquette is generally called the Flag Code and includes the following directions

  • The American Flag should be lighted at all times. If you fly old glory at night it needs to have a light shining on it.
  • The Flag should not be flown in bad weather unless the flag is made for such conditions.
  • The flag should never be used for advertising purposes and never imprinted on items meant to be thrown away, such as napkins or boxes.
  • No part of the flag should ever be worn as part of a costume or apparel.
  • The flag should not be draped over a vehicle and not used in parade floats unless securely attached to a staff.

It is interesting to note that some may find these guidelines to be law, the senate resource states 

While wearing the colors may be in poor taste and offensive to many, it is important to remember that the Flag Code is intended as a guide to be followed on a purely voluntary basis to insure proper respect for the flag.

You may get busy this holiday or during the summer but don't forget to show The American Flag the respect and care that it deserves.

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