The arrival of 2022 is just a few short hours away. Americans will enter into the new year in a similar fashion as we did to kick off 2021, with concerns about sickness, labor shortages, extreme weather, and rising housing and fuel costs. What is one thing you'd like to see the state of Idaho do in 2022 to make life easier for you?

As we sit on the eve of 2022, many of us are already consumed by unknowns as to what the new year has in store for us. While the year did seem to be an improvement nationwide from 2020 as far as sickness, job loss, and supply shortages are concerned, there is still this feeling of overwhelming uncertainty among many Americans.

Having lived in Idaho for a number of years and worked as a member of state media, I've interacted with a great number of Gem State citizens. If I were to ask 10 Idahoans what they would like to see done differently in 2022, I believe I would get very similar responses.

Politically, I know many of you are unhappy with the country's current president. While there's no way to change this fact for another two years, I know that the majority of people I ask this question to would wish for some sort of political shift sooner than later. Expansion and overcrowding are other realities that many in Idaho are not very receptive to, and I get it.

The topic of marijuana legalization for example might be something some in Idaho would like to see pursued with greater determination in the new year. Idaho is a truly great state in my opinion, and offers so much in the way of beauty, recreation, and opportunity. There isn't much I'd change if I had the power to do so.

Whatever you would like to see your state representatives work harder toward in 2022, we would like to hear about it. What is atop your list of changes you wish to see happen in the Gem State in the new year? What's got you frustrated the most?

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