There is a story in the news about a paint crew who read the instructions wrong and painted wavy lines on the streets of Hollister. The story reminded me of the time when the street lines in Downtown Twin Falls looked similar.

Do You Remember When These Twin Falls Roads Looked Like A Child Designed Them

In both cases, the job was done by professionals but ended up looking less than pro. While the Hollister story happened just a few days ago the Twin Falls story comes from October of 2018. The city had painted the roads with sharp angles rather than gradual curves for the new turning lanes. Adding to the confusion was the fact that you could still see the lines from the previous paint job and it was especially dangerous for drivers in the rain.

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I complained about the lines in a story back then, and I’m not saying I’m the reason they fixed the madness, but within a few weeks, the lines were fixed to how we see them now.

Crazy Painted Road Lines In Twin Falls

If you missed out on the crazy street lines, you are in luck. I recorded a video and posted it to YouTube. Check it out below along with a video from the new line debacle happening in Hollister. To be clear, that’s Hollister California and not Hollister Idaho in the second video.

Horrible Road Lines In Downtown Twin Falls

Crazy Road Lines In Hollister, CA

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