There have been some rough days when I’m driving home and need French fries.  I say need instead of want.  An old college friend used to refer to comfort foods as an “attitude adjustment.”  I’ve sometimes pulled into the drive-thru at the McDonald’s at Heyburn and Blue Lakes in Twin Falls and simply asked for two orders of fries.  My attitude instantly improves with the first bite. 

While I like all kinds of potatoes, fried still tops my list.

Some months ago I asked some friends online how they liked their potatoes and offered several choices as to how you could prepare them.  Potatoes of any kind was the run-away winner and, yet.  While I like all kinds of potatoes, fried still tops my list.

I miss the steak fries at Blu.  Crunchy outside and piping hot and soft on the inside.  Once I thought I would get a second order.  It was a Blu special.  All you can eat fries.  I was stuffed after the second order.

I was musing about the experience on Facebook.  And decided to ask friends locally and from around the country about some of their favorite places for French fries.

Oddly, when I was a boy I really liked the crinkle cut served at my local bowling alley. These were frozen before frying.  For years it was my gold standard.  Then along came Blu and I forgot about crinkle cut!

I’m including the Facebook post below.  I’m not doing a poll because I’ll leave out some great places and sometimes there are restaurants that aren’t really looking to compete in a contest.  Instead, I would like you to comment about your favorite fry stop.  That way, we won’t miss the mentions for some great places.

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