You would think that one of the main reasons you pick a certain college is the prospect of getting a job after graduation. I grew up in Salt Lake down in Utah, but ended up doing college in Kansas for the communications program they have and the opportunities of internships and (hopefully) job hiring after graduation.

That gamble of moving out of state worked out pretty well for me, but it doesn't work that way for everyone and definitely not for every college. Each state has a college that is better than all the rest and, for once, it is not Boise State. The career experts at Zippia say that University of Idaho up in Moscow offers students the best prospects of getting a job after graduation. They say that after 10 years 88.39 percent of graduates were employed.

Something interesting to note though is that while University of Idaho is the best in Idaho, it is also one of the worst in the nation! Out of the top colleges in each state, University of Idaho came in 45th. That is not good, but it is better than Utah which came in almost dead last at 49th!

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