I have but one requirement from a playground. It has to have a good slide. If it also has swings, that's an extra 2 points. Maybe for you, it's all about fake rock climbing walls. No matter what your playground pleasure is, I'm curious which Twin Falls playground you think is the best.

Some of Twin Falls playgrounds have more than one play area with varying sizes of equipment to accommodate younger and older kids. A few are adjacent to basketball and/or tennis courts. Those of us who have multitudes of kids are fortunate that this city has so many play options.

If you happen to be relatively new to Twin like I am, here are the parks listed on the city's website.

Obviously, Twin Falls has more parks than this. But, to qualify for this list, you gotta have playground equipment. If I've left your favorite off the list, feel free to add your own. But, I want to know which play area in Twin is the best. What say you?