Each Weekday in the month of November we are giving you an Early Christmas Bonus and a chance to win cash!

When you hear the Q-2-CALL, be the 25th nationwide caller to 1-877-854-9467 and win that day’s cash prize!  Each day the Christmas Bonus is $1,000 but on Thursdays your Christmas Bonus is $10,000!!!

We want you to win! We also know you have to eat, work, play, and nap at work...so we are giving KOOL Klub members a 1 hour window hint when the Q2Call will be! If you want inside tips about when to listen for the next chance to win?  Check out the KOOL Klub Homepage - that's where we'll post your hint about when to listen for the Q2Call. If you're not a member yet - join! Its free, fun, and we start you off with points to start winning other great prizes.

You can also enter to win an additional $10,000 online! The online winner will be drawn on December 1st.