It has been almost a full year since the virus outbreak hit home here in Twin Falls and still the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, or is it actually dying out? We've heard reports that the numbers are dropping and Idaho's governor moved us to a new, less restricted, stage in Rebound Idaho. We also have a working vaccine being distributed throughout Idaho that should help keep the numbers down as we move forward with Stage 3. But, we are also heading into the Super Bowl weekend and many are worried that the big game parties could become super-spreader events. Are you worried about the virus coming back and hitting hard again in the next few weeks? That might be a tough question to answer so let's do this: if you could get the vaccine today or a prize instead, which would you choose?

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Here's the only rule - your prize has a value of $300 max. If I'm being honest, I'd probably take the prize. For a few reasons I've already had the chance to get the vaccine and have passed on it for now. There are others who need it more than I do and I don't think I'm especially at risk for catching or spreading the virus due to my hermit lifestyle for the last year. I'd take a $300 prize over the vaccine. Plus, I really like money and prizes.

Is your choice as easy as mine? Are you more worried about the pandemic and your safety or that of those around you and you'd take the vaccine over a prize? Let us know in the survey above. And whatever your choice may be, we all need to stay kind and respectful and wear a mask in public and social distance. Take care and stay safe Twin Falls.

This question was posed to a group of gamers by GammaWire and the majority of them chose the prize of a new gaming system over the vaccine.

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