Today it was announced that the city of Twin Falls was implementing the City Defoliation Plan to cut back on maintenance costs and the adverse allergen affects on city residents.

This is obviously false and just a silly APRIL FOOL DAY JOKE!  And a great excuse to get you some extra KOOL Klub points :)

There is not and won't be a poll about your feelings on defoliation...but you can get 5,ooo points in your account by entering the word SANTA in the Bonus Coded Section. Happy AFD!

At the radio station we pulled some fun pranks too - feel free to use them next year on your co-workers.

Mix in random printed off pictures with the copy paper and when your co-workers print off papers they will see your "work"

Switch their desktop background, hide the icons and start bar, and change the mouse to an hourglass.  They'll spend a few minutes trying to figure out why their computer isn't working.

Put tape over the ear or mouth piece of the desk phones - they'll think people are prank calling them...but they really just can't hear the other end.