Should Kids Wait Outside For The School Bus When Its Freezing [POLL]
Yesterday my kids school bus was about 10 minutes late and my wife told me that as she sat in the van with our kids that there were a bunch of kids standing on the corner freezing. One of the boys was even in just shorts and sneakers! You'll remember that yesterday it was around -2 in the morni…
ISP Report Bus Slid Off I-15 Sunday
POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho State Police say a Salt Lake Express bus slid off Interstate 15 Sunday morning, sending three passengers to the hospital. The company says the bus was traveling from Salt Lake City to Rexburg, Idaho. Police say the bus was northbound when 30-year-old Elijah Ha…
Check Out The New VW Bus
The VW Bus has always been a cool vehicle.  They tried to bring it back a few years ago and it looked cool...but they have decided to upgrade it and change it a bit to be more environmentally friendly with an electric motor - and it looks awesome!