Taming Wild Idaho Cats
If you've lived in Idaho for very long, you've probably seen wild cats. Hopefully, not up close and personal. Wild cats can be viscous! If a feral momma cat has babies chances are the babies will be aggressive towards humans.
Take KOOL Kritter Sebastian Home For The Holidays [VIDEO]
This is Sebastian - a mellow, well-mannered, and friendly Lab/ Shar Pei mix. He's an independent dog who loves a good snuggle. He would also enjoy a quiet home with small and female dogs, but he's not very fond of cats. He's been at the shelter longer than any other res…
KOOL Kritters – Tia and Tigger
Tigger is a rambunctious beautiful brindle Boxer Lab cross. He gets along with all other dogs big or small. He may chase cats but probably wouldn't know quite what do with them! He will need to be crate trained.

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