What is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?
How much Halloween candy have you eaten? I'd like to tell you that I haven't touched any Halloween candy but we all know I can't turn down a Kit-Kat. According to this I need to move to Montana. Mashable figured out the most popular candy in each state. I'm really shocked that ca…
Moms Are The Nicest Member Of The Family
This study just seems silly to me. If you ask almost anybody in the world who the nicest person is in their family, the answer will be their mom. This doesn't mean that a mom can't be mean or that they are nice all the time...just that moms are the nicest member of the family more often th…
Last Chance To Win The Big Game Getaway
Football season is far from over - but your chance to win a free vacation to see your favorite team is coming to an end! Your last chance to win the Big Game Getaway is this weekend.
Which NFL Game Would You Like To Go To This Year [Survey]
We are closing in on the last few months of the year - but the football season is far from over! If you had the chance to go to a game for free, which NFL game would you like to go to? Would you go see your favorite team on their home turf, a team you hate so you can heckle them at their home stadiu…
Nate’s Car Is Fixed!
I got in my years worth of exercise last week when, for 4 days my car was sitting in my driveway with the hood open, and I had to ride my bike to work and back home each day.