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Taking good movie trailers and making them better - one voice at a time! These are KOOL 96.5's Voice Swap Videos. Watch and listen to your favorite movie trailers in a brand new way.

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Inside Out Movie Without The Inside Parts Is Seriously Depressing
Inside Out: Outside Edition from Jordan Hanzon on Vimeo.
I haven't seen the movie 'Inside Out' yet, but my kids have and they say it is funny but sad at some parts. Apparently all the funny parts are when the voices are in their heads because the video above is surprisingly sad and dep…
Star Wars The Force Awakens – Gender Swap Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
The force is strong with this Voice Swap Movie Trailer. The entire world is excited for the new Star Wars movies! Those who grew up with the movies are beyond excited for the nostalgia and younger generations are excited because their parents are excited. Plus the latest trailer makes the movie…