Make sure you stop by,  and make a detour if you need to, and come by the Locust/Addison intersection on Friday! Twin Falls Firefighters will be @ the corner of Addison and Locust from 10a-6p on Friday, Aug. 26th collecting donations for MDA.
In the last 11 years, with the help of the Magic Valley, Twin Falls Firefighters have collected over $76,000 for MDA.
They have an aggressive goal this year! They would like to collect $13,000.00, and they need OUR help!

Nate Bird will be broadcasting live from the street (very carefully so he doesn't get run over) from 11am to 1pm, so come by during your lunch or anytime that day from 10am to 6pm and donate your bills and change to Fill The Boot and raise money for MDA.