Earthquakes happen near volcanoes all the time. But, when over 120 happen in the span of a week, it can be more than a little concerning. And, that's exactly what happened at Mount St. Helens in November.

The Seattle Times reported that USGS volcano scientists think that Mount St. Helens may be coming back to life.

“Each of these little earthquakes is a clue and a reminder we are marching toward an eruption someday,” said Weston Thelen, a U.S. Geological Survey seismologist with the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver.

KATU also shared this latest Mount St. Helens activity. You may also remember that there were quake swarms back in the spring months this year, too.

We are nowhere near the activity that led to the eruption back in 1980. But, since volcanoes are still very unpredictable, a swarm of earthquakes like this definitely make all of us in the Pacific Northwest take notice.

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