Summer is just around the corner and hopefully it brings a reprieve from the pandemic with warm days out in the sun. One of the essentials when we go camping is to have water nearby. Even if it is just a small river my family needs to be near water on our adventures. A few years ago we decided to make the jump and invest in kayaks for each of us and that was, for my family, a great idea. We can pack up the kayaks and go spend a few hours in the water at Dierkes or Centennial. But, as much as we love kayaking there are days where we want to be lazy and just float on the water. That's where the crazy pool floats come in. Sometimes a regular tube float isn't good enough. These 13 floats are crazy for different reasons, but all are good reasons.

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Everybody loves a llama and this one has glitter.

Maybe llamas aren't your thing. How about a giant peacock?

Get this float before they go extinct.

If glitter is your idea of crazy check out this ring of sparkles.

Go big and go crazy with this float for 6 people.

It's crazy, cute and you'll feel quackers on it in a pool.

Floating the river on a log raft seems like a crazy idea.

America! Show you're patriotic and feel it on this red, white, and blue bald eagle.

Have you ever ridden a dragon on a lake? Now you can.

I don't know if the avocado craze is over on not but this float also comes with a beach ball.

Even on an Idaho lake you can feel tropical if you're riding a giant pink flamingo.

Riding a bull on the water sounds like a pretty cool dream. Make it real with this.

This one is specifically for kids...but they added water guns to it so I bet most adults want to use it too.

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