If you're a fan of Idaho history, there are numerous hot springs that line the highway between Stanley and Challis that are also located within a stone's throw of historic 19th-century kilns built in the mining boom days.

I'm a big fan of the region of the Sawtooth Mountains that are home to Stanley and Challis. I've spent 15 years camping, hiking, and kayaking in the area, and to me, it's some of the most pretty backcountry I've ever laid eyes on. There is also a rich history in this region of the state.

Located 180 miles north of Twin Falls along Highway 75, are several hot springs surrounded by the picturesque peaks and valleys of the Sawtooth Mountains. This is also an area where mining was booming in the mid-to-late 19th century. Abandoned towns such as Bayhorse, which is located a few miles from both Stanley and Challis, are preserved representations of mining days of the past.

Located near Bayhorse, are a handful of 150-year-old charcoal kilns that were used by miners of this time period. Some of these locations were highlighted in a 2021 story by a writer from the website Only In Your State, which features unique road trip destinations throughout the United States.

Mountain Village Hot Spring, which is also a short drive to these aging kilns, is also an incredible spot to spend an hour or two soaking. You can spend a day recharging your mind and body and also get an Idaho history lesson at the same time.

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