Idaho has dozens of large reservoirs scattered across the state, but one of them has a spooky history hiding under the water.

LOOK: Is There a Ghost Town Hiding Under Idaho's Largest Reservoir?

In Southern Idaho, a few miles west of Pocatello, is American Falls Reservoir. It’s the largest reservoir in the Gem State at 56,000 acres (that’s 87 square miles) and it’s hiding a ghost town under all that water.

Sometimes, when the water levels drop, you can see the remnants of the houses, sidewalks, and a grain silo. This video was posted in 2021 when the water level was around 5 percent and you can see pretty much everything.

It’s a lot less creepy when you can see the remnants of the old ghost town, but when the area is covered by a layer of water, it gets much more spooky looking. The reason there’s a ghost town under the reservoir goes back to 1925 when the whole town was moved to make way for the new reservoir.

Spooky: This Ghost Town is Hiding Under Idaho's Largest Reservoir

At least it was an abandoned town when they flooded the area, otherwise swimming or boating in the water would be a horror story waiting to happen.

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And speaking of horror stories, it isn’t going to help this story be any less creepy if you know that just down the river from the reservoir is a location with an even more disturbing story. The Water Babies of Massacre Rocks State Park.

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This Idaho Ghost Town Is Unusual For One Wet Reason...

An entire town had a choice... move or get submerged underwater.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Eerie Video Shows What's Left of One of Idaho's Most Unique Ghost Towns

The back of one of these historic postcards describes Burke, ID like this "This quaint show-piece of the area’s early-day mining is jammed in a canyon with hardly room for its street, railroad and stream. Shoshone county is one of the world’s great mining regions and has produced over 2 billion dollars - mostly in lead, silver and zinc." Burke's mining operations came to a halt in 1991 and the remaining residents left town. Today, the structures that have survived look like the town that time forgot. Read more about the history of Burke HERE.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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