Have you ever driven by an old building and let your mind wonder about what history took place there? In Idaho, we have some remarkable history around us. Two pieces of that history, abandoned schoolhouses near Fairfield, just made a national list of must-see locations.

Only In Your State compiled some of the more stark old schoolhouses around Idaho. Two that they declared as 'must-see' are near Fairfield.

The first is the Corral School. Nicholas D captured a great pic of this schoolhouse on his Flickr page.

The other local schoolhouse that made the list is the Fairfield Prairie Schoolhouse. The Camas County Chamber of Commerce shared some amazing history about this old school.

By 1883 the first local school was established.  Eventually a total of 27 small schools dotted the prairie serving the educational and social purposes of the scattered communities.  By 1948 most schools had consolidated with the Fairfield system.  The last rural school closed in 1953.

I completely concur with Only In Your State recognizing these amazing historic buildings. But, the one problem about listing them as 'must-see' is the fact that most of these building are not really that safe to explore. They even add the disclaimer that many, if not all, of these old schoolhouses are on private property where trespassing is prohibited.

That being said, if you drive by one of these old schools on a back road, might be worth snapping a quick picture so you can show your kids what school life was like in Idaho way before there were cell phones to worry about.

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