UPDATE: The Twin Falls Fire Department has posted a video of the Devil's Corral Fire with information about the blaze and the work happening to contain it.

UPDATE: There are now 2 fires burning north of Twin Falls. One is near the Blue Lakes Country Club and the other at Devil's Corral between I84 and the Snake River Canyon.

The South Devils Corral Fire has a minimal or low fire growth potential and the Warm Creek Fire, near the country club, is listed as moderate fire growth potential and has already burned more than 3 acres. Information taken from the Fire, Weather, Avalanche website.

The fire locations can be seen on this wildfire map. KMVT News has also shared pictures and information on the fires.

Here are the reported locations of the fires.

Credit Canva/Google Maps
Credit Canva/Google Maps

ORIGINAL STORY: A fire has been reported on the Jerome side of the Snake River Canyon Tuesday afternoon. The fire is reported to be between the Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls.

There's no official report yet from emergency responders or fire crews, but we can see the smoke from the radio station here at Park Ave and Washington Street in Twin Falls.

What Caused the Fire

Since we don't have an official report yet, here's what is being told to us by members of the community:

  • The fire is near the Quail Ridge Estates in the canyon.
  • You can see the fire from the Perrine Bridge.
  • The fire is at the golf course on the Jerome side.
  • The fire may have been caused by a ball on the lines through the canyon by the fish hatchery that somehow caught fire and started the fire below.
  • There is a possibility that there are 2 separate fires. One at the Golf Course and another at Devil's Corral.
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Credit WFCA
Credit WFCA

We will update this story as we get information.

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