When your animals go missing, you probably go through a few standard steps. First you double check the yard for open gates. Then you stand in your front yard yelling like a crazy person. Next up, you hop in the car and drive the neighborhood, again yelling your pet's name like a crazy person. Then what? You could hang missing pet posters around the neighborhood and hope someone responds, or you could (and should) check in with the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. If your pet is found, there is a really good chance it is either at the shelter or they know where it is.

We have run into both situations with our dogs. Once we called the shelter and gave them our info and they called us back a little later saying they had received a call from someone in our neighborhood. That person had our dogs but didn't want to take them to the shelter and make them stay in a kennel. Another time our dogs got out and we called the shelter as soon as we realized it. They had our dogs and within a few minutes we were reunited with our escape artists.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter just posted on Facebook that they have three dogs they found together. They are assuming they all have the same owner, so they are hoping that person shows up to rescue them. Maybe by the time you read this those dogs will have been retrieved, that would be great. If you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat, there are still a number of great pets waiting at the shelter for someone just like you.

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