I recently returned to Twin Falls from a trip to California, and spent a good deal of time staring at brake lights from behind the wheel. One area project along U.S. Route 93 north of Jackpot is causing delays of up to 30-minutes.

I awoke this past Sunday morning at the Shilo Inn in Elko, following more than eight hours in the car the previous day. I was returning from a family visit out west, and traveled from Central California through Reno, and checked in late Saturday in Elko. It felt as if the entire state of Nevada in under construction. You couldn't drive more than 10-minutes without having to slow down to 55-miles per hour.

As I traveled through Jackpot yesterday at about 3 P.M., I was met with more road work signs. Crews are currently expanding US-93, and delays of 30-minutes are posted on construction signs. Luckily, I managed to breeze through all the way to Twin Falls without getting caught in traffic.

Route 93 has always been a problematic stretch, particularly in the winter. I've driven in whiteout conditions on the roadway, where visibility was less than 10-feet, and wind gusts exceeded 60-miles per hour. On one such brutal December commute more than a decade ago, I narrowly passed by a handful of drivers that decided to come to a complete stop due to visibility.

I think the expansion is long overdue, and will make travel from southern Idaho into Nevada much safer. If you're going to be driving US-93 in the coming days, then expect some lengthy delays.

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