Maintenance Repairs on the Perrine Bridge

Crews have been working on maintenance at the Perrine Bridge and have moved to the south side of the bridge this week. The work will require some closures of the trail under the bridge and loud noises are expected that may concern some visitors.

The crews will be working to build an enclosure this week at the base of the south side of the bridge in preparation for sandblasting and painting. The pathway will remain open while the enclosure is being built but will be closed at times when the maintenance work begins on the 16th.

Credit N8
Credit N8

The sandblasting is a preparatory stage of maintenance for the bridge to get it ready for painting. Some bolts will also be replaced during the project. The Idaho Transportation Department says that the area will only be closed in the evenings to limit the impact on those who walk the Canyon Rim Trail. The work is not expected to impact the traffic of vehicles crossing the bridge.

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More repairs and maintenance are needed on the bridge and the work will continue in other areas for a few months into Spring.

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There are some people who think that painting the bridge should not be a priority and that making the bridge itself more safe by making it less easy for people to jump off. Some residents think a covered walkway should be installed along the length of the bridge, while others think a fence isn’t going to stop someone who might be determined to use the bridge to end their lives. Read more about that in our previous story.

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