Cheerleading is a sport that attracts millions a year in the United States. One young girl in southwest Idaho has made national news after she auditioned for the popular reality show America's Got Talent.

Houstyn Rose, 6, from Boise is an aspiring cheerleader who recently became somewhat of an Idaho celebrity after auditioning for the upcoming season of America's Got Talent. A video showing her unbelievable skills has been shared on numerous websites including YouTube.

Rose, along with an estimated 4 million other U.S. cheerleaders, devotes the majority of her free time to honing her skills for a future in the sport. The young Idaho phenom is already performing skills that rival those of professional cheerleaders, and is an active participant with Weber State, according to information found on YouTube. The university, known for its exceptional cheer and dance teams, is located in Ogden, Utah.

America's Got Talent has been a high-rated series on NBC for 15 years, and showcases the talents of a group of Americans vying for a chance to win $1,000,000. AGT is preparing for its 17th season.

Cheerleading in the U.S. is divided into multiple categories based on age. For instance, ages five to six, which is Rose's age group, are labeled "tiny," while ages five to eight fall into the "mini" division. There is also a "youth," "junior," and "senior" division, with the latter grouping reserved for those participants ages 12 to 18.

We wish this amazing young Boise athlete the best of luck as she awaits news on her audition.

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