Fair season is the best. There are great rides, vendors, shows, petting zoo and of course, food. The food is my favorite part of the Twin Falls County Fair. I feel like you can't get some of it year round and you have to splurge while you can.

If you are making it to the Twin Falls County Fair this year, you have to get at least one, if not all of these awesome Idaho dishes.

  • 1

    Tator Pig

    Sausage, potatoes, cheese, you can't go wrong. I had no idea what a tator pig was until my first adventure at the Twin Falls County Fair.

  • 2

    Elk Burger

    A fresh, real elk burger. They are so good. You definitely need an elk burger in your life. That is always my first stop.

  • 3

    Elephant Ears

    The line is always crazy long for the elephant ears. Deep fried doughy deliciousness with sugar and toppings. Yum.

  • 4

    Idaho Nachos

    It is everything you love about nachos, only on some form of potato. I personally prefer tater tots or waffle fries but you can use pretty much anything as long as it isn't chips.

  • 5

    Deep fried cheese stick

    Pretty self explanatory. A delicious chunk of cheese on a stick, deep fried to golden goodness. Mmmm cheese.

  • 6

    Turkey Leg

    You have to get a smoked turkey leg if they have them this year. It is a must.

  • 7

    Basque food

    Oh the Basque food at the Twin Falls County Fair is always so good. Definitely don't miss out on that opportunity.

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