The Olympics are officially over but they are still on our minds. We have a list of Olympic events that would be perfect if Twin Falls decided to create their own version. I am also looking for anyone who would actually like to put something like this together.


  • 1

    Disc Golf

    People absolutely love disc golf around here. There are several different courses and people get really into it. If Twin Falls created their own Olympics disc golf would definitely be there.

  • 2


    Another great event that people in Twin Falls would be amazing at. People love kayaking around here and we are good at it. It could be white water or just leisure. That could be fun.

  • 3

    Sturgeon fishing

    Talk about a workout! Reeling in a sturgeon is a chore. They are strong, dinosaur-like fish are beasts. It is only catch and release though. Don't hurt them

  • 4

    Beer Chugging

    I have seen some Twin Falls residents chug some beer in an impressive way. Plus, Idaho is one of the best places to brew beer and produce hops so you know it is a good beer.

  • 5

    Finger Steak Eating

    Who can eat the most finger steaks in one sitting? Twin Falls residents would love to find out.

  • 6

    Train Waiting Competition

    Whoever can sit at a train the longest without turning around or losing their mind. Who knows?

  • 7

    Camouflaged Competition

    Get all decked out in your camo, go out in the middle of nowhere, hide, and whoever is camouflaged best wins gold!

  • 8

    Supporting Local

    Twin Falls residents are amazing at supporting local. Local businesses, local charities, local events, a local person in need of some help. Definitely got the gold medal in that.

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