We know Idaho is becoming a hot spot for celebrities, but this latest gathering of famous people in Southern Idaho could be the most impressive ever. The event was documented on the Instagram account of the lovely Kristen Bell during an outdoor dinner in Swan Valley.

Did a Huge Gathering of the Coolest Celebrities Just Happen in Southern Idaho?

Looking at the 3rd picture in her post, you get to the dinner group and honestly, we couldn’t name all the celebs at the party. Some we just don’t know and others are at the far end of the table and we have old eyes. Go to the 3rd picture and see who you can pick out in the group.

The obvious celebrities to pick out are Dax Shepard at the far end of the table, Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox across from each other, YouTube nerd Mark Rober near the front with Jason Bateman a few chairs down, Adam Scott, Jimmy Fallon, and comedian John Mulaney at the back. Obviously, there are a lot more people in this photo but the only ones who are tagged in it are people I have never heard of.

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Huge Gathering of Celebrities in Southern Idaho Causes Unexpected Controversy

The picture looks wholesome and like it couldn’t possibly cause any controversy but there are people online upset at the lack of racial diversity at the table. I’m sure others are mad that meat is being eaten, that the only ones standing are women, or that the photo is insensitive to everyone else who wasn’t invited. Go ahead and be mad. I see a photo of a group of people who wanted to hang out together for a nice meal outdoors in Idaho.

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