Could you imagine how amazing this could be for everyone? If there was a dedicated cafe and/or bar that was for people to come to play with adoptable dogs and cats it could be life-changing for everyone. 

This is a trend that is making its way across the country. There are cat cafes, dog cafes and I really think an adoption cafe would do great here. Even if people don't adopt a pet while there they at least can give the animals some love and attention that they crave.

Of course, there would have to be stipulations on which pets could be there. They would have to be friendly to everyone and all other pets. But those are the ones that you want for your family anyway. It could help clear out animal shelters all over the place and there is a good chance that more pets would be adopted. It literally could save lives and if there was enough amazing food I would be there every weekend.

It would be a huge moneymaker. People like me would go just to hang out with the pets and while I was there I would definitely spend money on snacks and soda. There is a good chance I would walk out with some adorable pets. And the people that would go there are likely the ones who love animals and would give them a great home.

Who wants to go into business with me on this one. It needs to happen.

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