I think that having our three dogs during this pandemic has been therapeutic for my family. We do spend more time with friends and family lately, but up until a few months ago we were pretty solitary. Since we weren't spending time with other people, these three dogs got way more attention than usual. Two of them, the puppies, loved it and our old curmudgeon dog probably hated the extra cuddles. It isn't too late to have that kind of therapy in your home too. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is always looking for loving homes for their abandoned cats and dogs.

As an added bonus if you are looking to adopt, all cat adoptions are sponsored right now. All cats are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered and the adoption fee is just $24 for a limited time.

The Jerome Animal Shelter is also getting ready for a special event this Saturday. On January 23rd from 10am to 2pm dog adoptions will be $25 in Jerome. These dogs are temperament tested and ready for their new homes. If you already have pets, you are encouraged to bring them with you to see how they interact with a potential new best friend.

So, whether you are looking to adopt a cat or a dog, the next few days are perfect for you as you can adopt either for around $25. If you can't adopt but still recognize the need at these shelters, you can donate food, toys and blankets to help out.

Dogs can sleep anywhere

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