Twin Falls is no stranger to variety on the restaurant front. It seems like we have everything one could imagine, except for a Wienerschnitzel, I still think we really need one of those. Preferably close to my home too. Some will complain that we have too many burger joints or Mexican restaurants, but I disagree. You can never have too much variety and I really can't think of anything (except delicious Wienerschnitzel) that we need here. Then again, my culinary palate isn't sophisticated and there may be a lot of food options we lack here.

What we do have is enough variety to list an ABC's of essential restaurants in Twin Falls. These are my picks. Some are amazing for their food, others are iconic and staples of the city, others I have never been to but have heard enough talk to know that they are a big deal. You may have a completely different list or you think my choice for a specific letter would be better as another restaurant. Cool. Let us know what it should be.

The ABC's Of Twin Falls Restaurants

There are a few cheats on my list. Some letters were too hard to pick just one restaurant: really I couldn't pick between Scooter's and the Smoky Bone for the letter 'S'. You should really try them both. Other cheats are the restaurants where I couldn't think of one that started with the specific letter. Are there any 'Z' or 'Q' named restaurants?

Underrated Restaurants

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