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This was a pleasant surprise.  The first time I ever paid a visit to Jackson, Wyoming, I drove out to Grand Teton National park.  I passed a museum on my left and the next day was at the door when the place opened.  The facility is dedicated to wildlife.  It’s the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  A great many museums restrict photography.  If you visit the indigenous museum at the Cataldo Mission in Idaho, you’ll get ejected if you attempt to take pictures.  At the state museum in Boise, the same offense in the painting gallery will get you tossed.  Not the case in Jackson.  I was told I could snap all the pictures I wanted as long as I didn’t use a flash.  The lighting inside allows you to get great shots with the flash-off.

Outside, you’ll find a series of trails.  Sculpture dominates the outdoor experience.  You can also dine at the museum, inside or outside.  The latter is really more of a summer experience.  The nation elk refuge is also nearby and if you time it right, you can see massive herds munching in the fields.

I’m finally at the age where I can score a senior discount, which knocks a couple of dollars off the usual adult admission of 17 bucks.

I can often spend less than an hour at a good museum.  I was at the facility in Jackson for three hours.  I wandered the trails and when inside I sometimes simply took a seat and admired the great works in the room.

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