A few months ago I told you I didn’t believe Ammon Bundy could be elected Governor of Idaho.  I’ve changed my mind.   This morning I read a story about his campaign in the Deseret News.  While the writer rehashes a lot of the old Bundy family history, it’s the quotes from the candidate that echo across the page.  First, I’ve said his mother didn’t name him “Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy”.  Those first three names are a media trick used to frighten you.  He made it clear in the interview that he simply wants a more accountable government.

Again, the media has planted some seeds but when many people hear the man speak, he doesn’t come across as unhinged.

After an appearance on my show a few weeks ago, people told me Bundy sounded normal.  Again, the media has planted some seeds but when many people hear the man speak, he doesn’t come across as unhinged.

Other Candidates are Leaving Some Space

Another factor currently working in his favor would be the recent speed bumps Janice McGeachin has encountered.  For some time, the primary looked like a duel between McGeachin and Governor Brad Little.  Then along came candidates Bundy and Ed Humphreys.  Both are running disciplined and professional-looking campaigns.  Both communicate well with not only the public but also with the news media.  I see regular updates in my daily email.

Once you get three or more candidates in a primary, it’s a good possibility the winner won’t need a majority.  Toss in a few more candidates who won’t be as well funded but still siphon regional votes and next May could be a real barn burner.

He's Well Versed on the Issues

Personally, I find Ammon to be friendly and very thoughtful.  I never opposed what took place at Bunkerville or at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  The occupiers didn’t hurt anyone.  It was like a cold camping outing.

Friends told me it wasn’t the right approach and that we should’ve waited years for someone in government to finally free Dwight and Steve Hammond.  It sounds good, but what justice is there for good people who lose their youth or their lives behind bars?

Old Friends Won't Abandon Him

On another note, I do a lot of reading when it comes to social media.  I was working under the assumption that for many Bundy was yesterday’s news.  I was wrong.  His base is still vocal and they’ll show up when it's time to vote.

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