He calls it government overreach and has some experience on the receiving end.  It was 2014 and his family in Nevada was being pressed by federal agents over grazing rights.  It was one of the top stories of the previous decade.  Bundy is now an independent candidate for Governor of Idaho.  This week, he joined Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  He also had some thoughts on the federal government expanding the size of the Internal Revenue Service.

You can hear our conversation by clicking the link here.

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Bundy Doesn't Sugar Coat Words

Bundy isn’t everyone’s political cup of tea, however.  Unlike a politician, he doesn’t shy away from controversy and never tells an audience whatever it only wants to hear.

Despite the media narrative painting him as a dangerous radical, in his nearly 50 years the man has never raised a fist against anyone. 

We talked about some of the major issues confronting liberty at both the federal and state levels.  We concluded the conversation with some of his goals and plans for the state if elected in November. 

He's Not a News Media Caricature

Liberal media portrays him as a danger because he can’t be controlled or swayed by editorials and Rachel Maddow.  In Idaho, he very well could surpass the candidate of the Democrat Party and Bundy likely could match incumbent and Republican Brad Little when it comes to spending money on a campaign. 

Bundy believes many of his legal troubles in recent months have been designed to distract him and even silence him as Election Day approaches.

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