Eliminating Idaho’s property tax has a sweet sound for a lot of people.  Especially as we’ve witnessed tremendous spikes in tax bills.  Some people tell me that in recent years they’ve received bills and found their burden had doubled.  A handful of state legislators have brainstormed the idea of eliminating property taxes altogether.  They’re looking at potential alternatives.

Ammon Bundy believes he has found the answer.  He joined Magic Valley This Morning on Wednesday on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  He is promoting an upcoming visit to Twin Falls.  Bundy is a candidate for Governor and competing in the Republican primary.  It’s a little more than three months away.

Bundy Would Curb Welfare Spending

Bundy also spoke about the growth of social welfare programs in Idaho.  He made a comparison to runaway spending in neighboring Oregon.  He warned it was an official invitation to come to Idaho and, if not freeload, still get a larger opportunity to feed at the public trough.

The Bundy campaign has also picked up some steam when it comes to fundraising.  Keep in mind, his name is internationally known.  He may not receive donations from corporate entities or large pharmaceutical outfits, but he has an extensive base of small donors.

You can hear our 15-minute discussion by clicking on the video below.

We May Have a Very Tight Race for Governor

Bundy is currently in a four-way race among Republicans.  There should soon be five when Governor Brad Little announces his intention to seek re-election.  The large size of the field makes the outcome difficult to address.

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