We all need to drive better. Some of us need to drive a lot better. One of those people who really needs to drive better is the red-light-running speed racer who almost ran into my wife and kids yesterday. My wife had stopped at the red light by Walmart on Cheney and after it changed to green she started to creep forward as the inattentive or oblivious driver zip right in front of her. If she had been distracted and not slammed on the brakes the other car would have slammed right into the driver's side of our car. Luckily my wife is a better driver than me because she saved my kids from what could have been a deadly accident and the other car passed just inches in front of her.

Christmas is tomorrow. We are all busy, stressed, and distracted. Please, don't let the Christmas rush cause you to rush so much that you can't obey basic traffic laws. Don't let your packed schedule make you miss the moments to be kind and enjoy the Christmas season. I don't know if the driver was distracted, drunk, in a hurry and not willing to wait for a red light, or maybe they had an emergency and thought speeding through a red light would save them time. Well, it probably did, but it also scared the crap out of my wife and four kids. That one moment could have ruined Christmas for a lot of people.

I hope that driver, and every driver, gets to where they are going safely. This is Christmas and nobody should have their happiness ruined because you were in such a hurry or distracted while in the driver's seat.

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