If you have recently recorded someone that you believe is driving poorly in Twin Falls while behind the wheel yourself and uploaded the footage to your Facebook page, then guess what.

I can't tell you how many videos I come across on a monthly basis that show Idaho motorists videotaping other Idaho motorists for the sole point of complaining and seeking support from fellow community members. If you are operating a vehicle and pointing your phone at another car or truck either in front of you or on your back bumper, then guess what, that makes you every bit a poor driver than the one you've targeted for your not so shocking city driving expose.

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I just came across another example on Wednesday of a south Idaho motorist sharing a video to a local Facebook rants/raves page that proves my point further. I think even Idaho police would agree that if you're recording another driver while driving yourself, then that's probably as dangerous (if not more) than the individual you believe is a hazard behind the wheel.

Just like any other state, road rage and crappy driving happens all over Idaho, but grabbing your phone to document it isn't a smart thing to do, and is putting other driver's lives on the line. The police are on the streets to handle such matters and actually get a paycheck for it. If you see someone driving badly in Twin Falls, then just do the rest of us a favor and stay clear of them.

Also, if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean.

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