As Twin Falls has grown over the last several years, getting around town is a little more challenging that it used to be. Here's our unofficial list of the the top 5 worst intersections in Twin Falls. Feel free to comment and let us know if there are any that should be added to the list.

Blue Lakes and Pole Line

Blue Lakes and Pole Line via Google Maps

It's not just the busiest intersection in town but one of the most dangerous.  As much as we needed the double turn lanes, I don't think we've ever quite gotten the hang of it. If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to merge both lanes into one WHILE TURNING, I'd have enough money to buy a third lane.  One more thing... How many times have you seen someone make a turn from the far left onto pole line, and cross all four lanes of traffic to make an immediate hard right into McDonald's? I keep hearing Harrison Ford say "Punch it Chewey!"  #safetyfirst.

Blue Lakes and Cheney

Cheney and Blue Lakes via Google Maps

This street view of Blue Lakes and Cheney with no car in sight is as rare as real picture of Bigfoot. It should be illegal to cross here. If you're someone who actually tries to cross, grab a snickers... it's going to be a while. And those people behind you waving their fists? Those are just your fans cheering you on.  :)

Washington and 2nd

Washington and 2nd via Google Maps

This is my biggest pet peeve.  This stop sign at Washington and 2nd has got to be the worst because you have to yield to oncoming traffic. Ideally, folks in their cars heading south in the outside lane should signal to indicate whether or not they are continuing south or turning south-east onto 2nd. Unfortunately, there's a little known law whereby all vehicles sold in Twin Falls county have their blinker functions disabled after purchase. This leaves traffic at this intersection at a standstill while northbound commuters try to guess the intentions of oncoming traffic.

Blue Lakes and Addison

Blue Lakes and Addison via Google Maps

If you've been in Twin Falls a long time, Blue Lakes and Addison might not be your first choice of a bad intersection but if you ask anyone who's new to town, they will tell you this is one of the most confusing intersections in Twin. At the last minute, it splits into two... no three... no FOUR different directions. It's hard to determine which lane goes where, and "What do you mean I can't turn left?!"

2nd and Addison

2nd Avenue North and Addison via Google Maps

Again... Another one that might not be so obvious but any weekday at 5:30pm, it's not unusual to see cars backed up from Washington and Addison all the way back to this intersection. If you're going to see gridlock in Twin Falls, it's at Addison and 2nd Ave North.

So, how'd we do?  Comment and let us know what should be added to the list.