The first car I ever bought was a 1995 Honda Civic, and up until last year I was still driving it. We've gone through a dozen other cars between then and now, but that Civic was a constant in our lives. Luckily, the Civ (that's what we named it) is still running and being driven around town by a family member. I upgraded to a newer car last year and with that upgrade came some unexpected issues: apparently my wife and kids don't know that the slots in the car doors are for garbage. They are so used to having old cars that are better off with trash on the floor that they don't even think about trying to keep the new car nice.

I've pointed this out to my wife and just the other day to my oldest daughter as she threw a candy wrapper on the floor. I asked her if that's where it goes and she said she didn't know. What? I kindly informed her that there is a place for garbage in the door and she seemed surprised.

I know we take better care of cars when they are new to us and eventually I'll give in to the garbage laziness, but for now I vacuum my car a few times a month and try to keep it clean.

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Do you have the same issue I'm seeing? It's hard to keep a car clean, especially if you have kids. I've seen people around town get out of their cars at the store followed by a soda can or piece of trash paper. Are you able to keep your car clean on a regular basis or is it more like Spring cleaning every few months? That's what we do with our other cars.

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