So, in case you missed it over the weekend we finally got a real snowstorm. I was excited because I like the snow. I understand if you weren't excited. Even the wind on Saturday couldn't quell my excitement as I forced my kids to get their snow clothes on so we could go sledding. We only lasted about a half an hour in the bitter wind at Vista Bonita before we had to call it a day and get in the car to warm up. Good thing we did warm up since our power went out and we were forced to light up the fireplace to keep our house from becoming an igloo. Sunday was much more favorable weather so we went out again to let the chilly wind blow through our hair, this time we went to the hill next to the Twin Falls City Pool.

Other than those two hills, are there any other good sledding hills in Twin Falls? There's a pretty good mound at Thomsen Park but you have to walk all the way across the park to get to it (that's why we never go there). The only other place that we've heard about having a hill worth sledding is near Perrine Elementary. Are there other hills that will give you a good run on a sled?

If you are up for a longer drive out of town, we do have good options if you head to the South Hills as you can sled at the Lower Penstemon campground and tubing is always fun at Magic Mountain.

The LaBelle Lake Ice Palace

Patio Dining Igloos

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