Never underestimate the ability of Idahoans to make ordinary things exciting. One Idaho family proved my theory with what they did with a nearby hill after a recent snowfall.

Chris Jensen shared this video on YouTube. This is how he described what you're about to see.

At the end of packsaddle road by Kay's Dairy (I believe that's the name of the dairy" This hill is groomed as a snowmobile trail but also makes for some of the best sledding around.

You might see a regular old snowmobile trail, but Chris and his son saw a potential mile-long sledding hill. A couple minutes after his son started down the hill, Chris mentioned...

Grady's still going...

Yes, he is. That's what happens when you launch your son down a monstrous descent.

Especially when it comes to snow, never think that your fellow Idahoans will cease to come up with ways to make it awesome.

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